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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Standard Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:hannukahtable: Hannukah Table Hannukah Table
:chicken: Chicken Chicken
:mad: Mad Mad
:potato-pancake: Potato Pancake Potato Pancake
:goldcoin: Gold Coin Gold Coin
:cantfocus Can't Focus Can't Focus
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:menorah-5: Menorah Menorah
:dreidle: Dreidle Dreidle
:cackle: Cackle Cackle
:cool: Cool Cool
:menorah4: Menorah Menorah
:dreidle2: Dreidle Dreidle
:bounce: Bouncing Bouncing
:p Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
:menorah3: Menorah Menorah
:blank: Blank Stare Blank Stare
;) Wink Wink
:menorah2: Menorah 1 Menorah 1
:hi: Hi! Hi!
:tool2: Tool2 Tool2
:bdaygrin: Birthday Grin Birthday Grin
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:menorah1: Light Menorah Light Menorah
:heh: Heh Heh
:soapbox: Soapbox Soapbox
:drink: Drinking Drinking
:o Embarrassment Embarrassment
:stained-glass: Stained Glass Stained Glass
:latkes: Latkes Latkes
:cussing: @#&!#!! @#&!#!!
:tool3: Tool3 Tool3
:cry: Crying Crying
:( Frown Frown
:spnningdreidle: Spnning Dreidle Spnning Dreidle
:scroll: Jewish Scroll Jewish Scroll
:sob: Sobbing Sobbing
:lambaste: Lambaste Lambaste
:angelic: Angelic Grin Angelic Grin
:) Smilie Smilie
:spnningdreidle: Spnning Dreidle Spnning Dreidle
:happyhannukah2: Happy Hannukah Happy Hannukah
:cringe: Cringe Cringe
:tool1: Tool1 Tool1
:confused: Confused Confused
:sleeping: Sleeping Sleeping
:happyhannuka: Happy Hannukah Happy Hannukah
:clap: Clap Clap
:boquet: Boquet Boquet
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:shalom: Shalom Shalom
:popcorn: Popcorn Popcorn
:moon: Moon Moon
:moonwalk: Moonwalk Moonwalk
:newyear: Newyear Newyear
:omg: Omg Omg
:pancakes: Pancakes Pancakes
:momday1: Momday1 Momday1
:lavalamp: Lavalamp Lavalamp
:momday: Momday Momday
:mistletoe: Mistletoe Mistletoe
:loser2: Loser2 Loser2
:kneeslap: Kneeslap Kneeslap
:kitty: Kitty Kitty
:irishjig: Irishjig Irishjig
:irish1: Irish1 Irish1
:greenbeer: Greenbeer Greenbeer
:hahaha: Hahaha Hahaha
:hmph: Hmph Hmph
:hypnotist: Hypnotist Hypnotist
:irishdrunk: Irishdrunk Irishdrunk
:frozen2: Frozen2 Frozen2
:frozen: Frozen Frozen
:frosty: Frosty Frosty
:football: Football Football
:flipoff: Flipoff Flipoff
:flagpole: Flagpole Flagpole
:fart: Fart Fart
:elf1: Elf1 Elf1
:easteregg2: Easteregg2 Easteregg2
:dogbone: Dogbone Dogbone
:earthday: Earthday Earthday
:easterbasket: Easterbasket Easterbasket
:easterbun: Easterbun Easterbun
:easteregg1: Easteregg1 Easteregg1
:doctor: Doctor Doctor
:devilish: Devilish Devilish
:cryriver: Cryriver Cryriver
:chips: Chips Chips
:bugfaint: Bugfaint Bugfaint
:bugpale: Bugpale Bugpale
:catyarn: Catyarn Catyarn
:chatgeek: Chatgeek Chatgeek
:cheers: Cheers Cheers
:blue: Blue Blue
:angel: Angel Angel
:artist: Artist Artist
:boobs: Boobs Boobs
:blalala: Blalala Blalala
:inlove: Inlove Inlove
:iloveyou: Iloveyou Iloveyou
:beanie: Beanie Beanie
:hotheart: Hotheart Hotheart
:blowkiss: Blowkiss Blowkiss
:heartsmile: Heartsmile Heartsmile
:bonk: Bonk Bonk
:bubblebath: Bubblebath Bubblebath
:bubbleyum: Bubbleyum Bubbleyum
:candylove: Candylove Candylove
:cousinit: Cousinit Cousinit
:snowsmiley: Snowsmiley Snowsmiley
:romance: Romance Romance
:rainheart: Rainheart Rainheart
:cupid: Cupid Cupid
:serenade: Serenade Serenade
:drunk: Drunk Drunk
:happyheart: Happyheart Happyheart
:xmascookies: Xmascookies Xmascookies
:winter: Winter Winter
:techgeek: Techgeek Techgeek
:snowstorm: Snowstorm Snowstorm
:loser: Loser Loser
:bigeye: Bigeye Bigeye
:blagh: Blagh Blagh
:devil1: Devil1 Devil1
:cry1: Cry1 Cry1
:ziplip: Ziplip Ziplip
:yep: Yep Yep
:wtg: Wtg Wtg
:wink1: Wink1 Wink1
:whistle: Whistle Whistle
:talktohand: Talktohand Talktohand
:sick2: Sick2 Sick2
:sick: Sick Sick
:pray1: Pray1 Pray1
:ponder: Ponder Ponder
:muscle: Muscle Muscle
:loldevil: Loldevil Loldevil
:hungover: Hungover Hungover
:happygeek: Happygeek Happygeek
:ghost: Ghost Ghost
:geek: Geek Geek
:elvis: Elvis Elvis
:doh: Doh Doh
:beer: Beer Beer
:oy: Oy Oy
:present: Present Present
:potofgold: Potofgold Potofgold
:puppy: Puppy Puppy
:reindeer: Reindeer Reindeer
:roadrage: Roadrage Roadrage
:rofl: Rofl Rofl
:splat: Splat Splat
:sanatlist: Sanatlist Sanatlist
:spaghetti: Spaghetti Spaghetti
:sushi: Sushi Sushi
:thbpb: Thbpb Thbpb
:tiptoe: Tiptoe Tiptoe
:xmas2: Xmas2 Xmas2
:vomit2: Vomit2 Vomit2
:xmasball: Xmasball Xmasball
:gingerbread: Gingerbread Gingerbread
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