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MoonWOW February 20th, 2001 01:01 PM

Half moon on night time sky,<br>Seven stars, heaven's eyes.<br>Seven songs on seven seas<br>Just to bring all your sweet love home to me.

<b>...your looove brings life to meeee!

So post and hug please ((((Friends))))...</b>

LiamFan! February 20th, 2001 01:34 PM


Nice to see you, friend.

MoonWOW February 20th, 2001 01:41 PM



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SkyeWOW February 20th, 2001 07:20 PM

Good to see you all moved in. Did you remember the oven?

anniejoan February 20th, 2001 07:25 PM

(((((( MoonWOW )))))) hi hi
Well Sheesh!!! The list says Half Moon. /me thwaps Moon....you know how nic changes get me all discombobulated!!! Thought the nic in the list was a different WOW!!! Well, dang....what shall I leave you...how about some new cookie sheets for the ones you ruin..er....uhm....used up last night?! <grin>

CharityWOW February 20th, 2001 07:30 PM

(((((((((( Moonie)))))))))))

Well, I guess half a moon is better than none. (snork!)

Have some brownies- I just left ShadowWOW, your partner in crime, with a big ol' batch of them. Make her share, now!! :-)

QuietWOW February 20th, 2001 07:32 PM

<font size=+2><B>((((((Moon-ie))))))</font></B>

Yippeeeeeeeee, we're back, and you're back, and oh, ain't life grand :)

Lou February 20th, 2001 08:15 PM

Should'a just gone for the Bay.
Hey (((((Moonshot)))))!!!!!

I will not allude to your <s>burning</s> cooking and leave you kitchen utensils. Instead, here's a big bowl of hot artichoke dip and a sliced baguette. Eat up! :D

LiamFan! February 20th, 2001 08:24 PM

That reminds me...
I found a printout of Lou's hot artichoke dip recipe from the old boards! So, if Lou doesn't do it first, I'll post it ;-)

Oh, and {{{annijoan}}} be sure to post in ScribeWOW's folder...I hear she's really, really cool...muahahaha!

Cuzn February 20th, 2001 08:40 PM

((((( Moon )))))) what happened to the other half? did you have an accident in the wow kitchen? :eek:

CookieWOW February 20th, 2001 11:34 PM

Hey you
I love half-moon bay!

((((((Moonie))))))) nice to be here!!! I missed this on my first run-through

MoonWOW February 20th, 2001 11:46 PM

yay i have posts....
(((Skye))) the oven's ON! ;-)

(((anniejoan))) my most able bodied assistant! Nice to see you. :-)

(((Charity))) thanks for the brownies but Shadow will NOT share, you know that! <g>

(((Q-ie))) life *is* pretty grand! Thanks for the BIG hugs!! :-)

(((Lou))) thanks! I don't need to warm this stuff, right??? Is that an artichoke ball??

(((Liam))) now don't be sendin' everybody over to that Scribe's folder. She does fine on her own! ;-)

(((Cuzn))) I *always* have an accident in the WOW kitchen! <g>

(((Cooooookie))) Half Moon Bay ROCKS!

Night ALL and thanks for visiting!

DotWOW February 20th, 2001 11:49 PM

(((((((((((Moonie)))))))))))))Hiya stranger ! :) Gee its good to "see" you.

MoonWOW February 20th, 2001 11:52 PM

/me waves to ((((Dot))))!! I feel like we were all on summer vacation and now it's back to school.

So what did ya do on vacation, Dot? Summer camp? Disneyworld? Fall in love? Ride a scooter????


ching February 21st, 2001 03:38 PM

((((((Moonie)))))) You're Back!!

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