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WDianneS February 8th, 2011 08:06 PM

Age & libido ?
Hi ya'll!

I am 61 and was married twice, now single many years. By the end of my second marriage, I had lost all interest in sex and lived contentedly single for many years. I had hormonal problems my whole life and finally went on HRT about 5 years ago. I also experienced a resurgence of my libido about the same time. When I asked my doctor about it, she almost fell off her chair laughing and said "That isn't the normal complaint I hear!" (Gee thanks doc!)

It is quite distracting sometimes! :oy:

Has anyone else experienced a major resurgence in their libido in later life? How do you manage it? (Okay, I know about toys and men LOL!)

moniker February 11th, 2011 08:31 PM

I'm not as wise in years as you but do experience a distracting libido. Other than masturbating, one thing that helps is to overstimulate myself during my daily routine in order to try and sate...nay, create overkill.

What helps me is a butt plug and some kind of nipple pinching device. You can buy a nipple clamp but a cheap pair of bobby pins slid over the nipples works very well. Then I get dressed and attempt to go about my day. Eventually, this (thankfully) becomes too much to handle, and I take leave to a bathroom, remove the devices, place them in my purse and leave. If the libido strikes again, you have your equipment on hand.

Some find that vibrating panties work, but I'd be so worried that someone would hear them. Plus, it's "dirty" to be walking around in public while you're allowing yourself pleasure. It puts a secret smile on your face because no one has any idea!

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