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Belana June 1st, 2010 02:17 PM

I need someone to talk to
There?s so much I?m holding in right now because I really don?t have a confidant to share with and get feedback from.
In a nutshell, next week I?m going to stay with a relative until I can find a new place to live. I?ll be leaving a life that I?ve been living for over 25 years and beginning a completely new one alone. In other words, I?ll be going from a life full of family, obligation and responsibility to a completely independent life. 25 years is a very long time to spend living with someone and since the majority of my life has been about taking care of others, I feel like I?m making a very big transition.
On one hand I?m excited and relieved to have the opportunity and financial resources to do this but then there?s the other hand. That?s the one that?s consumed with emotions that are difficult for me to reconcile.
I know I?m doing the right thing. I absolutely cannot stay where any longer. Nevertheless, the amount of turmoil and ambivalence that I?m feeling which at times feels more like anxiety is undeniable. I guess I would have a lot easier time being able to talk to someone who can be like a good friend or a sister.
The reason I joined this website was in the hope that I would be able to find someone who might be able to fill in this short term gap in my life.
Please contact me if you have any time or anything to impart? I?d be grateful.

crazymomma June 7th, 2010 08:59 AM

WOW is a wonderful place to come when you need help and a shoulder to cry on or just have someone to talk to. God knows all of us here have doen it over the years. I for one have had wonderful ladies to lift me when I felt like I was totally alone in the world and no one could ever understand how I felt this way. If nobody else will step up and say it, I wil, I will be here for you. Anytime you want just go to your keyboard and start typing. I may not be here as often as I was but, if it will help, I will try to be here more often. Take care and know you are not alone. You can talk to me anytime.big (((huggers)))

Neeashay April 2nd, 2012 04:58 PM

Im 17 and today I got my heart broken by the only person I trust and thats my mother!!! I thought she was the one who suppose to warn me about being heart broken but instead shes the one doing it. She told me to leave her home but I didnt ,i love my mom im just in shock that she would do this to me

Jennifer23 April 2nd, 2012 06:47 PM

Neeashay, get back with her and talk it out.

Wolf_angel April 3rd, 2012 07:01 AM

Neeashay, get back to your Mom. She may of had a hard day and you were the one convenient to be there for her to lash out at. More than likely not meant towards you at all. Just forgive and be patient. Hope it all works out.

Crazymomma, get back here more often. Cause we all need you here. Hugs

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