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ShadowWOW January 13th, 2001 12:18 AM

Computers have made it possible to connect with so many people whose paths we may never have crossed otherwise. I met some of my best friends online. How about you? :)

mauka February 25th, 2001 05:27 PM

very nice
this works... I like it cause it sends an email message that says ( basically) "You have mail" and has a thingie to click that takes me there.

mauka February 25th, 2001 08:16 PM

where is everyone?
how do we post with the message icons?

I don't see them!

mauka February 25th, 2001 08:17 PM

I see
but where is ...

shalomwow February 25th, 2001 09:18 PM

Shadow,I have met 54 friends online so far.This is a great way to meet people. I love it here and I love hosting.

Blaise February 25th, 2001 10:36 PM

Am I here?
Is this it? Am I here? Is this the here? Where I'm supposed to be?

Well, where is she?

She said . . .

mauka? you seen her?

are you whistling?

LiamFan! February 25th, 2001 10:46 PM

Some people think that friendships online aren't as legitimate as 3D friendships, but I think the written word is sometimes more powerful than the spoken word.

I also think that people can get in too deep, too quickly, when it comes to online relationships. People who know you online don't know all the grubby details that go with everyday life, and I think it's easy to idealize someone you know online.

Terri February 26th, 2001 12:03 AM

tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet

Where is yada is this it? I see mauka and Blaise now where is the other one?

Tammy February 26th, 2001 01:36 AM

About the written word..
One of the things I notice about "meeting" people online is that I don't forget things about them, so I usually know a lot more in a lot less time.

Part of it is the way my brain holds information. I tend to remember just about everything that I read (which can be a curse some days :eek: ) but if someone SAYS something to me, it'll go right out of my head.

One of the things I've found about people who "illegitimize" online friendships is that they've never really had any.

There's a big difference between "going to chat rooms" and the kind of interactions that come from becoming part of a community.

Yadax3 February 26th, 2001 04:48 AM

What happened to my Cabin?
Well, I WAS here earlier, I have no idea what happened to my sod cabin. I did mention it was a wee bit damp, and the cabin probably turned into a pile of mud.

Ah well. I am wearing the socks I got for my birthday tonite at work. The ones with the pink spacegirl on them.

QuietWoman February 26th, 2001 05:37 AM

Hi, Yada, Tammy, Terri, Blaise, LiamFan, Mauka ...

I agree with Liam that folk can get in way too deep with online friendships, way too soon. Having said that, however, I do think that online creates that possibility. There are a whole set of issues that go with the "it doesn't matter son much, it's only an online friendship" thing. And one of those is the idea that you can risk whatever you want because it's *only online* and no harm can come.

mauka February 27th, 2001 12:29 AM

aloha... Tammy... I don't remember much written or spoken... so it helps to be able to refer back to the written words.

yaddie I thought you were saying you had spaghetti socks and I wondered what those might look like.

Sooo is there on big cabin with a big stone fireplace in the main room? I hope it's decorated with purple furniture.

I read DonnaWOW's last Tapestry article last night... sniff, sniff...parting is like when calla lilies are in bloom. Chris is a wonderful human being... that I never get to see anymore.

Stophie March 1st, 2001 07:50 AM

what happened?
I put a post on here and it is gone
Did I say something bad? I didn't mean to if I did

Stophie March 1st, 2001 08:13 AM

lol oopsy I found the post I thot disappeared...it is under another heading. I got confuzid :)

tupi March 1st, 2001 06:08 PM

Confused works. I've done that before, and it worked.

Online friendships are unique. It's a whole new social stratum, similar to pen pals, I guess. In an online friendship you can pick and chose what you wish to share. You can present yourself in a manner more appealing to your own vision of who you are, but the fact is the real you will eventually come out. Like LiamFan I've heard it said that online friendships aren't the same as 3D, but in truth they can be.

I thank every day that I met Terri. I believe we were destined to meet. She's like finding one of my own sisters.

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