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NewsPoster October 5th, 2008 01:44 AM

Voter Registration: "The final push"
State registration deadlines are coming up fast. In a many of states – including important battlegrounds like Colorado, Florida, and Pennsylvania – voter registration ends Monday, October 6.

Voter registration will make a huge the difference in this election. Virginia has registered nearly 350,000 new voters this year. North Carolina added 600,000 new voters. And 80,000 new Democratic voters will be going to the polls in Nevada.

And that’s in no small part thanks to you.

Our supporters have been on the ground working tirelessly in every state, registering hundreds of thousands of new voters – and having a great time doing it. Here are a few of the comments from our blog:

Becky in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida says:
I'm handing out flyers telling folks how to register to vote. Doin' all I can to turn Florida blue and having the time of my life! In all my 60 years I've never felt so happy or so alive.
Ethel in Harrisburg, PA
Just came from volunteering. I feel great! I did something for the campaign today. Everyone was upbeat and looking forward to the final push with registering people.
And a new voter, Barbara in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, weighs in:
OK -- here's one Obama vote from Florida! I'm 53 and have just today registered to vote for the first time. I'm excited and can't wait to cast my very first ballot for Barack Obama!
People like Barbara are the reason you’re out there in parks and on street corners registering new voters. Because there are still thousands and thousands of Obama supporters out there who still aren’t registered.

If you can spare a few hours tomorrow or Monday, take a clipboard and go out into your community to give those supporters a voice in this election.


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