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kraftykid September 13th, 2008 11:12 PM

Feral Cats
We have had an oranger tiger stripped cat around here for almost two years. The cat jumps up on our porch to eat our cats food. Fine with us, maybe that cat will chase the mice.

Earlier this summer we saw a muted colored female, she almost looked like a merle shade. She disappeared for awhile and I figured she got hit on the road. Then glory be there she was with the cutest kittens. Two black, two white. A couple of days ago we saw one black kitten run across our road. So we knew at least one of them was safe.

I saw a little tail through the sliding glass door when the cats eat. Oh great another kitten. Then today I saw the orange stripped cat eating our cat food and there was the kitten with her. At least we now know the cat is a her, not a him.

The orange stripped cat gets along just fine with our old cats. So that is the no problem. The problem is our neighbor shoots feral cats and we have no way to trap these two. If we could trap them I would get them spayed, and they could be our barn cats.

What I cannot and never will understand is why people just drop off dogs and cats when they are no longer cute and cuddley. The dogs either get hit on the road or they join a pack and end up being shot.

Six miles away from my house is a no kill shelter. Are these people who drop off animals too stupid to take care of their obligations of their pets or do they just do not care?

DLC55 September 14th, 2008 01:27 AM

Probably a bit of both.

You might want to ask your shelter if they have traps they can lend you. They may have a deposit associated with lending but most places give the deposit back once you return the traps.

You'd be surprised how many people are giving up pets because of the economy. Rescues are full, shelters are full and most homes that foster are full. Too many animals are being euthanized because folks can't afford to keep them any more. If they can't find someone to take their animals, they either leave then in foreclosed homes, drop them off in the middle of the night at the pound or turn them loose to fend for themselves.

kraftykid September 14th, 2008 05:54 PM

Good idea DLC. The orange kitty has a pretty regular time of eating. I will call the shelter tomorrow. With my luck I will catch my own cats!!! ahahahahah

DLC55 September 14th, 2008 11:17 PM

We have a clinic about an hour from here that serves our area in spaying and neutering feral colonies. There's no charge but donations are accepted. They're up front about the cost per animal that they incure, I imagine hoping folks will at least donate that much. It's pretty cheap actually. In this area and the surrounding counties the feral colonies are huge and many. Without this service we face the prospect of those colonies getting way out of hand. Trust me, we know how fast that can happen having a colony that took us about 2-3 years to get under control. It's definately not an easy job but the rewards are many.

seo58 September 22nd, 2008 02:29 AM

Hi ladies :)
I have a problem in this category. I have a 1.5 year old chow/akita mix who has hip displasia really bad. How do you stop a teen age dog from not running around in you home so she doesn't injur herself anymore then what she is? It hurts me especially after Thursday night with her taking her run in my apartment and seeing her come up with not being able to use her right hind leg. She has already been through 1 surgery and can't do it another time. This is one of my children, mind you. I was in tears to the vet on Thursday night trying to figure out how I can not let her feel the pain she is in cause when she hurts, so do I. The next surgery after this is to cut her bones in her legs. I won't do that. Now what do I do????? Her right hip is totally out of the socket, the left is half way out, this is a little over a month ago when she had her surgery. The surgery was to cut her muscles inside of her legs to aleviate her discomfort. She is playing more, but that's the problem, she want's to play like there is nothing wrong. She has been on glucausimine chondroitin for 2 months now, along with tramadol for pain and just got rymadil for her pain. Can someone please help me especially to tell me how I am supposed to build up her muscles in her legs when after I walk her for 15 minutes in the morning, she limps for the rest of the day. Thanks

Tammy September 22nd, 2008 09:17 PM

How much does she weigh? And how much glucosamine/chondroitin are you giving? :)

seo58 September 23rd, 2008 10:37 AM

Hi (((((Tammy)))))))

She is getting 500 mg's twice a day and she weights about 55 pounds. WOW I can't believe I put that in the wrong folder, so sorry.

kraftykid September 26th, 2008 01:36 AM

Are you taking the dog to an Orthopedic vet? How is the dog's weight? I was reading a site on hip dysplasia and it stated that first they get dysplasia and then osteoarthritis. Is there any way you can ice down that hip after exercise. Sure helps my back. The reason I asked about the weight is that the drs. always say lose weight if you have arthritis.

I saw a site on the net where this guy makes carts for dogs back legs. I don't know the expense but it did say that he also has used ones that he may be able to modify for any particular breed. No mass production, each cart is fitted to the dog.

I understand how you feel about your dog. My mini doxie is on pain meds. She is 15, we don't plan on doing any thing until the vet says too. At this time her heart, lungs, and the rest of her vital organs are working great.

I certainly hope you can find something to help your pup.

seo58 September 26th, 2008 02:21 PM

Hi kraftykid :)

Her weight is fine. She hasn't been to an orthropedic doctor because the only one around here is not board certified and I won't take her to him. I asked about using ice or heat but the vet said it would not really help her condition.

I have checked into dog wheels for her, the vet said not take that route yet because it will deteriorate what use of her legs she has. The place I checked does have refurbished ones and even some donated ones but none were available when I called a few weeks back.

I have faced the fact that I will have to make her life as comfortable as possible. She will have bad days and good days just like me. I give her a little more attention, love her as much as I can and give her a good life, no matter how long it may be.

My cousin is a vet in Florida and he told me he had to put a pup down that was 6 months old with really bad hip displasia. I am thankful for what time we have together. I hope the same for you and your doxie. Thanks for responding. :)

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