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zarus February 22nd, 2011 06:38 PM

How many Women agree with having casual sex ?
I understand, that it is different with guys. Sometimes they
view sex as an activity of pleasure alone. So the emotional
connection may not seem as important to some. But what about, Women. How many of you out there right now, agree
that it is ok to have casual sex. As long as you know the
individual, and it is practiced safely. Answer below. Thank

Jennifer23 February 22nd, 2011 07:46 PM

zarus, I think casual sex is OK as long as you're protected; protected from STDs and pregnancy. I've been with my current boyfriend for over 2 years now, but before David, I had casual sex with other guys. I just made sure that the sex was safe. Because I love my boyfriend so much now, in a way I regret the casual sex I had. But, I was younger then. . . So, yeah; I'd say it's OK, but please be safe!

JANE20/20 February 24th, 2011 12:19 AM

Well....I don't know....I'm looking at this topic from several points of view....as a single woman in my 40's...and celibate...remembering being in my 20's....as a mother....I do understand that in todays society it is expected that people who are dating....engage in sex....and I also understand as women we the right to explore sexuality and options...without getting stoned to death....and that's a good thing....and I don't take that lightly...because in other countries...that actually happens to women...for little or no reason....women don't have the freedom(s) that we enjoy here....but even with the fredoms that so many of us take for granted everyday...ther is a fine line that we walk when it comes to sex.....I think that the women movement of the 70's....was about the right to:....but it doesn't men that one should sleep with Tom, Dick and Harry and all of their friends.....which is really going on today...some women at 25.....have already slept with 25 guys.....I think that somewhere in all of this freedom...respect for the body is being lost...in all of this exploration...and then...your in your teens and early 20's...doing all this stuff....changing sex partners like changing shoes....having group sex....and sex parties...and then that's not enough...in comes all of the fetish type things....where does it end??....burned-out on one-on-one sex...by the age of 30....I would say think very carefully...long and hard....because it's more than just a sexual act....it really is...it just that with all of the sexual freedom in our society...we have turned it into a sporting event.....and we are not men....we are emotional creatures...and the self esteem in women women that sleep around is uaually at a all time ....low....that's not good....and usually more often than not...get attached to the man that we have sex with....and men...how do they truly view women who continuosly have casual sex with different men...what' easy for one man to get ...is also easy for another to get....and yes the'll come around and pay the girl attention and say that she's hot....but that's only because she's putting out....and maybe they are hoping to get a turn....I say no....don't do casual sex......sexual freedom is a double-edged sword it cuts both ways........

JANE20/20 February 24th, 2011 12:58 AM

Ask yourself....what would you tell your daughter....if she asked you the same question?....and who would you want your son to take as a wife?....and have your grandchildren?.....would you choose a woman for him that has a history of sleeping around?......just thinking about those answers...puts a whole different spin on casual sex.....

I say...put the brakes on and take time to think about it very carefully.....

Elusive Unicorn February 24th, 2011 01:53 PM

Jane20/20 you have made a lot of good points. Although if you look though out histery you will find it is the same old same old as far as sex goes. The United States is a young country. Look at the Romains of the past the had all the stuff you mention alot of it in public. If we were to look back in history we would see a lot of counrties backgrounds have group sex and such. I agree that people should wait. You should realy care about the person you are with. The thing is we as people are seeing more of things because it is not staying behind closed doors. In some ways this is good in others it is too much information.

Jennifer23 February 24th, 2011 11:11 PM

Jane, when I was in college I had casual sex with a few guys, protected of course, but with my boyfriend of close to 3 years now, I only think about sex with him. But, I agree with you because too many girls and guys don't care anymore - they just hop in bed.

JANE20/20 February 28th, 2011 09:46 PM

@ELusive Unicorn....I think that it's good to have a choice and to be informed....I'm not judging at all...and yeah...people have been engaging in alot of sexual activities for quite some time now...it's just that as I look around...and we have all this freedom....there are all of these sex clubs...with different things going on in each one....people are having sex-fest-parties...etc...just having fun I guess....but at what price?...I have always found it hard to separate my body from my mind.....and I can't do it ....they go together for me.....

I've known people....and when you get to know the females that are really abusing their sexual freedom...and have many, many partners....when you really talk to them...their self esteem is not in a good place...and this is still a society that is pretty much run by men...and some still have double standards....as far as women are concerned..and when it comes to choosing a woman for a wife and a mother of their children...some men take that really seriously and are conservative..and won't choose the ex-porn star....or the ex-playboy playmate....and just for instance...after all the fun and games are over as far as sex is concerned...and that man moves on...to see what he can see elsewhere...as far as another woman is concerned...what then?...is it still just sex?....and is it still just having fun?...for the woman ivolved in all of the sexual activities?....and we do have rights to our sexuality and all that entails as women....but we have to exercise responsibility also....we owe ourselves that......

JANE20/20 February 28th, 2011 10:23 PM

I know that it's enticing....all of this sexual freedom that is newly discovered in the 20's....and you want to try things ....and sometimes it's not about love....just the experience...I can see that....there are things that I haven't done...and somethings I myself wonder what is that?...or what is that like?...(just being truthful)....but slow down and look around first...see what's truly happening behind the scenes.... maybe...it's that I don't personally believe in casual sex...I just need one special man...that's it for me.....I say be informed...be safe...and be protected.....think about it.....carefully....

Elusive Unicorn March 1st, 2011 12:18 AM

sigh i am in agreement with you. I have been married 12 years. I was never one for casual sex. What I was looking at was how we are more open as a people. The media has opened our eyes to things that were already going on that we just didn't see before. It is like crime and every thing else. I was just saying that we have basically done is blown the doors open and seen inside. So now we see what is going on all around us. Sometimes it is not very pretty but such is life. Yes choices are great but choose wisely. My personal chioce was the guy I married. So far so good.

JANE20/20 March 1st, 2011 12:37 AM

@Elusive Unicorn.....I know it seems so crazy....in a way...you know I'm still sitting on the sidelines...watching that show.....it's something....and I'm open-minded...I'm not a prude....for women in my age group....alot are divorced and newly single again after 15-20yrs of an unhappy marriage....and feel this new found freedom as far as sex goes....you know and they believe in casual sex...so I've read.....and I'm not knocking their choice....it's just that....when it comes to commitments...alot of attractive and gainfully employed men feel that they don't have to commit... because they can literally have a different woman every night of the week if they want...and some do...and I can't blame them for feeling that way....because that is how it is.......

LittleOrange January 5th, 2012 03:24 PM

I'm also interested about this subject. I never had casual sex, because I'm worried about the emotional aspect. I heared that women tend to fall in love with the guy they sleep with. Also, I think guys don't really respect such girls, and that's what I'm afraid of too. I don't want to be called a slut.

Jennifer23 January 6th, 2012 07:41 PM

Lil' Orange, for me it's always been about connecting as people. I loved my bf before we had sex because he was just a cool guy, and didn't push me. We would hang out together and have fun. Even when we went to bed at first, we'd snuggle and kiss, but didn't have sex. That came later, and it's been fun! But, we knew each other at that point. Does that make sense?

Wolf_angel January 7th, 2012 08:05 AM

Casual sex implies to me lack of thought. The reason is like you got an itch you need someone else to scratch it. Which is ok for men since most think of sex in about every 3 seconds. First one thought then another then sex. Whereas women tend to have it more emotional due to needing that connection. To trust, be honest and know that whomever they are having this will protect their heart, spirit and mental well being. Hence when a woman does have casual sex its more of an action than a connection. Yet there are some men who do the same. However for me its more of a trust and honest connection now more than ever. Just my opinion not meant to offend anyone.

LittleOrange January 8th, 2012 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by Jennifer23 (Post 66991)
Lil' Orange, for me it's always been about connecting as people. I loved my bf before we had sex because he was just a cool guy, and didn't push me. We would hang out together and have fun. Even when we went to bed at first, we'd snuggle and kiss, but didn't have sex. That came later, and it's been fun! But, we knew each other at that point. Does that make sense?

Yes, of course. I was refering to the topic in general, just wanted to share a thought, not judge anyone. What you did is really normal :)

JANE20/20 March 7th, 2012 11:57 AM

Hi.....Little Orange....I read you post and I feel compelled to say the your name implies that you are young....in your teens maybe??....if your not just dismiss what I'm going to say.....but if you are in your teens...I am going to tell you to wait....and watch...watch what happens after a few months or so in those relationships.....they don't last....casual sex....there is nothing really casual about laying on your back spread eagle and allowing a man young or old.... thats not in a relationship with...and who doesn't care to be in one with you....to climb on and enjoy the ride...and then leave...of which he may or may not return for a second go-round.....you are going to be hurt if you see this guy with someone else....because he promised to call and never did......I say wait...and while your waiting...read everthing realted to the issuse....and about sex....all of the STI's and what the symtoms are...and what they look like and find out about the best form of contraception/condoms to use......you can never be to well informed....but above all things think about it.....don't rush...take your time...you have all the time in the world..........Be safe........

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