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Jennifer23 June 30th, 2012 06:11 PM

Sorry, but this is a Jennifer rant. In the 2000 Presidential election more people voted for Gore than Bush, yet W. was declared the winner because of our flawed electoral vote system and the cheating that went on in Florida.
As President, he chose to ignore the advice that he was given concerning Bin Laden by the Clinton people - even the possibilty of aircraft crashing into buildings here.
When the event of 2001 happened, this country had almost universal support. Instead of listening to the U.N. reports that said Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, he decided to go in there anyway. We lost that support. We also lost thousands of lives and millions of dollars; dollars that could have been spent for needs in this country.
He also didn't deal with the mortgage crisis that cost so many people their homes.
I think that he was the most unqualified, inept, and wrong-doing President in this country's history. If anyone out there likes him, please tell me why.

Wolf_angel July 3rd, 2012 08:01 AM

Actually I dont like him nor voted for him! Hugs

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