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patter May 8th, 2001 05:36 AM

Anyone out there a sailing nut? I have a small boat now, Cat.22, but have owned several, 12,16,25,40,20,30..before. Found that I loved the sport about 20 years ago, have lived aboard for a couple of years. Would love to talk to others who know the beauty of whispering along under a full moon.

roo May 14th, 2001 09:58 PM

I've sailed some, on a 51' Oceanus Beanateau, in the South China Sea. I even spent Christmas, one year, on the boat, sailing around Malaysia (I lived in Singapore then.) It was great, and spoiled me. That boat had a washing machine, a/c in the galley and master cabin, 3 cabins, 2 baths, a dvd and tv, a microwave rofl.... everything but a trailer and a car.

patter May 14th, 2001 10:10 PM

Lord that's not a sailboat thats a condo. I would love to say I had sailed the South China Sea. All I've gotten to is the Gulf of Mexico, however I've been in some vicious little squalls out there. Do you sail now?

roo May 14th, 2001 11:43 PM

Well, they sail here, but I hardly see the point of it. I live in Colorado and I think they are touched in the head when they go out and buy these wee sailboats! Now I either work or fly fish. Or Camp and fly fish. Or Drive and fly fish! I am lucky, I work in education so I have all summer off (don't hate me) and many weeks off during the academic year!

The parts I sailed were fun, except areas with pirates shooting over your bow, which was no fun. It was calm water, for the most part, but I have been in many sumatras, what they call white squalls, and they appear and you have less than 90 seconds warning... I mean they come out of no where with no real warning. I almost had a heart attack during the first one, lol.

patter May 15th, 2001 06:55 AM

I was in a storm two years ago that we call a roll cloud. It comes at you like a rolling pin, literally tumbling over itself. The wind beneath it is very strong, 60 or so knots and the storm travels at about the same speed over water. Don't like those.
Fly fishing sounds calmer. I used to fish for trout with bait up in the mountains of so. Cal. when I was growing up. Did you grow up in Co?
What kind of Education? and yes I could hate you. I work for a school clinic program so do have more time off than the average nurse. Am an NP.

roo May 15th, 2001 09:07 AM

I work with a school district, my offical title ranges from Sys Admin to Network Tech, depending on which day it is. I have 3.5 days as a sys admin, 1.5 as a net tech.

I grew up in the south for the first part of childhood, then moved to western PA. Half my family is there, the other half in the Dakotas. You can tell I am not a native Coloradan because:

? I yield when the sign says YIELD
? I come to a complete stop when the sign says STOP
? I do not run yellow lights
? I do not drive 70 mph in a white out on ice.


fishead May 15th, 2001 09:15 AM

Okay I have sailed (well actually MILDLY crewed)in the gulf. But I wanted to post here and see if anyone was in to kayaking. My s/o and I are just getting into it (fell in love with it vacationing in FL.) Any advice?? Let me provide clarity--we are NOT going to be racing. We would like a way to zip down some rivers here in the midwest and enjoy the surroundings (see things you would miss on foot or in car. All advice appreciated.

patter May 15th, 2001 06:29 PM

Kayaking? I rappell in N. Ala at a place called Little River Canyon, and there are lots of people using the river for kayaking. I've never had the nerve.
Did hear of the Buffalo river in Arkansas. Supposed to be the best for that. But the Ochoe (sp) in N. Georgia ? is the one that the olympics used. It is a sluce through a pass and has the advantage that they can controll the water. The river bed at low tide is awesome.

I lived in La./N.O. for 20 years. Survival rules are
1. Don't use turn signals as it warns them which way you are going and they will be able to aim at you.
2. Don't try to merge as they will cut you off, just stop and wait for an open spot.
3. Don't get mad at the lady in the left lane doing 30, just use the right lane or shoulder like everyone else.
4. Stopping in both directions to chat to the other guy is considered 'friendly'.
5. You can park anywhere except at Mardi Grass, when the police make their quota for towing for the year.

fishead May 16th, 2001 08:40 AM

((Patter))--LOL at the traffic tidbits
((roo))--come on, do you REALLY come to a complete stop at the stop sign?!?!??!!?!?!

roo May 16th, 2001 10:03 AM

Yep sure do fishy.

So you are a refugee from behind the Orange Curtain, eh Patter?

patter May 16th, 2001 05:27 PM

Orange Curtain? Orange County fur shur! I don't talk like that!!!!! I left there in 63 to live in Fla where my exhusband was stationed. Then we moved to New Orleans. I fell in love with old buildings. In Ca. anything over 10 years old is buldosed for a new shopping center. I lived in NO for 20 years. Now am living in a quaint little house that I renovated in a quaint little town called Pass Christian (french inflection) and sail on the Bay of St. Louis. (only the locals drop the OF). Its very shallow here but the ground is sand so no damage if going aground.
Sailing is my therapy.

patter May 16th, 2001 05:29 PM

ps. my s/o loved sailing at first, then hated it. I sold the boat, then we broke up. I will never sell my boat again.

roo May 18th, 2001 10:31 PM


patter May 19th, 2001 03:26 AM

Went racing at the club, they have regular Wed. night races for anyone, any boat. I have been racing my Cat.22 but it is hard work to go alone. So I joined two friends and raced on a Scott. Boy what a different boat. Moves at a touch of the tiller. I was helms woman and had a hard time not over steering. We started in third place but moved to second on the final leg by out tacking the second place boat. Great fun. The one of the women on the boat is a Lipton and Scott world champion (she had nothing to do with winning) and is very intense about racing. I hadn't raced in a long time. Used to crew for a fellow in N.O. who had a J30 and it was fun to start a race with 30 or 40 boats.

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