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Sassy March 11th, 2016 06:18 PM

So Nice
Hi All... It's so nice to see WOW Staff names I recognize after being gone for so long.

crazymomma March 15th, 2016 10:26 AM

Hi Sassy, welcome back, Sorry to say but wow isn't like it use to be. Not as active a few trickle by and some from when I first started have passed on ;( but I still check every few days for new posts

rjsfeminist March 17th, 2016 02:31 PM

Hey, Sassy. Hey, crazymomma.

Yeah, very slow here... :(

crazymomma March 18th, 2016 06:51 PM

Hi rjs, I miss the old days when some days ya couldn't keep up with the posts :cry:

Sassy March 31st, 2016 09:30 PM

Hi Crazymomma and rjs. We had lots of fun in the old days LOL

crazymomma April 1st, 2016 11:56 AM

We sure did. I miss it. this was so great to come to when we had good news or bad. Needed advice for just to joke around. Nana is the only wow it seems who still checks in from time to time

IRISH_EYES_99 April 14th, 2016 10:08 AM

Hugs to all. Hey Crazymomma. How are you? Hope things are going well for you.

crazymomma April 17th, 2016 12:35 AM

They are ok. kind of sad. My younger 2 are planning to move on by the end of the year. erin is going back to ny and Sav is moving out west to be with a friend for years. Glad they are growing up but sad they are leaving.

So, I plan to move into a 1 bedroom here and live for the first time in ... well I have never lived alone!

IRISH_EYES_99 April 18th, 2016 12:57 PM

:hi: Major steps all around. Good luck on your new venture. Good luck to each of them with their new ventures. Keep in touch & let me know how you're doing! :boquet: I'll keep you all in my prayers. :pray1: :cheers: to new beginnings.

crazymomma April 18th, 2016 01:09 PM

Thanks! I know in my heart it's for the best.:sob: But I don't have to like it. ;) My girl headed to NY will be in contact everyday. She's the one my money is on to be coming back. Oh well, such is life. Take care my friend.:irish1: will keep you posted.

rjsfeminist April 22nd, 2016 06:02 PM

Wow, crazymomma, sounds like a lot of changes! Have our young'uns move on is always a little stressful.

Things here are a little too quiet. :(

IRISH_EYES_99 April 23rd, 2016 01:47 PM

Hey (((((( rjsfeminist )))))))) How are you? (((((((( crazymomma))))))))) It's amazing to look around at the kids, & the g'kids and see the changes. Even our twin babies are running all over the place & talking. Gee whiz growing up way to fast.:) Ahhh! I guess it's true time waits for no one. Hope you both have a super day, and that things go well for you. (((((((( hugs )))))))).

crazymomma May 3rd, 2016 11:27 AM

It's not easy to have the kids move on and grow up. My youngest decided to sick with mom a little longer. She started her first job this week. So very proud of her,

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