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Victoria M. January 14th, 2004 07:50 PM

just learning
My partner and I bought a house built in 1961. It needs a lot of repairs, and things keep breaking.

For example, the tube that takes water to the ice-maker in the fridge started leaking. I tried to fix it, but can't get the leak completely stopped.

The tank on the back of one of the toilets started leaking. I bought new bolts and stared to fix it, but I can't get one of the old bolts off. It's rusty.

My mom would tell me I'm just not strong enough and to get a man, but I would really like to do it myself-- and save the money.

I don't know which jobs I should attempt myself and which I will need to hire someone for. Can I buy a new door and hang it without testosterone, for example?

Can anyone advise me on how and where to educate myself about such matters.

Wolf_angel November 27th, 2011 06:33 AM

Go to Lowe's. They offer classes to help you learn this. Also check online for Do It Yourself videos. I hope that helps.

Now here is my question for any one who is mechanically inclined on vehicles. All five lug nuts on one tire were so loose that two fell off in the hand of my daughter. Now if your lug nuts are put on professionally by a mechanic with his air gun, how long over what time frame would they become loose? I dont think all five in a week though right? Which means someone has been tampering with my vehicle. Now that is bad but worse is that all three of my grandchildren, my daughter my father in law and myself are in this vehicle. Why is the question. So ask anyone who would maybe have the answer. Thank you. Hugs

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