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WillowWOW August 30th, 2004 01:37 PM

Craft Corner
:D Well I have two areas that I usually put the crafts I have done in Craft Chat. One is sewing and crafts the other is New Old Crafts what are you doing now.

To make things easier I thought of using Brede's catchy phrase and start a new topic in the Hobbies.

The only thing is remember when writing that you have to write so others can follow. I have had days when it seems that I have to rewrite several crafts. LOL

Any crafts you have learned or are interested in doing just post it here.:)

I hope that this helps! :)
See ya'll online once my computer is online again.:)

Have a great day! :)

PoohsBigSister August 30th, 2004 02:36 PM


cool room...love the artwork on the walls!! ;)

brede September 4th, 2004 02:56 PM

Well, it looks like my faulty memory for names actually turned into an okay thing!

I don't know if this is a craft idea, but I do know that it is a question: Does anyone have ways to clean metal (any type) with homemade solutions? I have a lot of metal pieces that need cleaned up so that I can lacquer them. I hate polishing, but that may be because I can barely tolerate the chemical smell.

Any ideas will be appreciated and used!

Tiffin September 5th, 2004 12:32 AM

If you want to rid the metal pieces of dirt and or rust Use a can of Coke. Its amazing what it will clean(it polishes stuff up real nice - just dap on your cloth) and is super for getting rid of rust (let item sit in coke over nite) and its Cheap too. And just think folks drink this daily; I hate to think what it does to one's tummy.

LiamFan! September 5th, 2004 10:53 AM

Gastric acid is much stronger than any of the acids in Coke, so it doesn't really do anything to one's tummy.

The small amount of carbonic acid in Coke does, however, make it useful in some cleaning tasks.

I'm not sure I'd use Coke to clean off metal before lacquering it, though...the sugar residue may interfere with the lacquer adhering.

brede September 5th, 2004 01:06 PM

That is what I've been concerned about with coke. I've used vinegar and salt for some metals (copper, primarily) and it works well. I've got bronze, stainless steel, brass and unknown metals to clean.

For gold and silver, I only use dry specialty cloths.

Anymore ideas? LOL, I'm allergic to ketchup so I can't use that without taking a bunch of precautions.

Tiffin September 5th, 2004 02:54 PM

For any sugar residue I would use warm water and liquid soap to rid the items of that. Then dry item at once with a soft cloth Flannel works well. Coke is one the safest cleaning solutions esp if Brede has problems with chemicals. If you dont care how items look after cleaning Use an SOS pad. On some metals it scratches the surfaces. Other than that; hard elbow grease with mild soap and water is always option.
Lacquers have very harmful breathing vapors. Even ones that say "water cleanup".

brede September 5th, 2004 06:08 PM

Thanks Tiffen. Most of the metal will need elbow grease and soap and water. I have 9 Princess Mary gift boxes from 1914 that are very precious to me. So I really want to be careful with them.

Greg and I have a lot of experience with lacquer, we are extremely careful with it. Ventilated areas, eye protection, gloves and full respirators. A lot of the wood we work with is very harmful to your lungs so all that is standard operating equipment for us.

Tiffin September 5th, 2004 06:28 PM

Your Welcome Brede! The only reason I even mention the vapors I have a lung disease so when I do any painting, lacquering, and cleaning now I have to be most careful... also I was shocked at all the harmful chemicals in every day items...aren't respirators fun to wear LOL. The one I have is enough to scare a dead person alive. But it been a real help since I spent a lot of the summer working on 3 different jobs doing painting of houses.

IRISH_EYES_99 September 5th, 2004 09:57 PM

(((((((( Tiffin ))))))))))))) It's so nice to see in on the boards. Take care of yourself.

brede September 6th, 2004 02:32 PM

Ah yes, the monster get up, safety glasses, full respirator, gloves, hand braces and a bandana to keep all my hair out of the way! We both out to get pictures of ourselves that way and use them as avatars! LOL!

Spending the summer painting houses? Do you do interior or exterior work? My house needs both.... We will do the interior this fall/winter and exterior in the spring. We were going to do it this past year, but I've been too sick. My body misreads everything. If I breathe in something bad for me, my immunesystem will attack the healthy part of my lungs! Good old autoimmune illnesses!

LOL or cry - I'd rather laugh. :D :drink:

PoohsBigSister September 7th, 2004 12:52 PM


Any quilters among our group? :)

Tiffin September 7th, 2004 01:19 PM

((((IrishEyes)))) hi! LOL I read the boards every day I just dont post very often.

I wear baseball cap for my long hair I braid my hair and tuck up under the hat and then I look like a conehead. Painting outside of homes. But recently asked to do insides. Working up a bid for that job <G>.

Lets say it keeps me in money for my favorite hobbie QUILTING!

PoohsBigSister September 8th, 2004 10:46 AM

((((((((((Tiffin))))))))))))))) Long time no see!!! :) glad ya decided to talk...LOL.

I am working on a cobblestone quilt right now... I am hand quilting and HATING IT!!!!!!! sigh. I just want this part to be done. I like the creating part.... much much much better...LOL! :)
what's your favorite quilt pattern??

Tiffin September 8th, 2004 12:46 PM

I like any Star, 9patch, and I create my own patterns. Handquilting takes forever thats why I went to machine quilting = Faster <G>.

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