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I am an INTJ type. I work as a systems adinistrator at a school district 3/4 time and as a network tech 1/4 time (torubleshoot systems, networks and workstations at two different schools). I spend a lot of time with kids, which I like. Especially the wee elementary kids who are just too cute. I'm not an educator though I have agreed to teach an "Introduction to Applied technology" course for the high school. I have summers off and use it to fish and camp.

(((((((BUSY One)))))))) Congrats and hats off to you! What could be harder than to be a single parent and work and go to school! I went back to college at 33... it was hard enough and I had no kids!
"Life is sweet / in spite of the misery / life is short, so be grateful." ~ Natalie Merchant
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