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((((biker)))) Oh Home Sweet Home is so....sweet....and...homey, isn't it?? <g> Makes you happy as a lark, even with no power...right??

((((coooookie)))) oh thanks for the reminder!! I must remember to give ALL my Asian Computer Jock friends gifts on Tuesday! WOW.....I know SO MANY! ;-)

((((vickie))))....thanks for all those faces. I needed that! Wait, don't they kinda resemble gnomes????

((((Lou)))) thanks! You know when you are AWAY from the job it sounds easier than when you get here and look around! I mean, for instance, where am I gonna put all of our old LP albums? I don't even have a turntable, but no way can I part with them. I mean The Doors, The Monkees, The Turtles, The Beatles, Alice's Restaurant, Camelot, JANIS!, can't just give them to a thrift store, ya know!

Happy Saturday (((all)))
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