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That's really a sad story, Hilie... I believe it's also very true. I'm a mixture of Christianity, Paganism and a dash of Buddhism, and it's sooo hard to find a place where I'm accepted in my entirity. If I hide the other parts of myself, I can be accepted in any group, but as soon as I open up about the other beliefs that I hold, I'm an outsider. The Christians say I can't possibly be Christian because I have Pagan beliefs, and they want to convert me or think that I'm Satanic...the Pagans react to my Christian beliefs with fear. Actually, it's fear on both sides. I read a short story once in a book called "A Woman's Journey to God" about Jesus and Mary Magdalene...the gist was that Mary was a Pagan priestess and that she and Jesus were actually me, it was a perfectly beautiful story that expressed very well how Christianity and Paganism are married in my own heart. I wish that people could some how see that it's all about love...the symbols and stories are different, but the idea is the love and be loved and to live your best possible life. We are a lot more the same than different at the core. It sure would be nice to connect with our similarities and appreciate our differences as those things that make life interesting.
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