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Here's some of my "favorite" sayings from ppl I know about my online meetings/friendships:

(from the X in a conversation about one of my ex-b/fs): "Did you meet him at one of your parties?" (the old chat room I used to go to had "pub parties" in different cities 3-4 times a year...I attended 4 or 5 and have never dated or been "involved" with anyone I have met...which I have had to tell him and others on more than one occasion)

(from many ppl when I am talking about my out-of-town friends): "Is that one of your chatroom buddies?" or "Do you really know this person or is it one of those online people?"

(from Mom, who will never understand tho she does try): "I can't believe you still talk to these people. You don't know who they are." and lately since I now only go to WS: "How do you know they are really women?" LOL

My response to ALL of it is to roll my eyes...something I am infamous for doing lol and not bother with it. I don't have to explain myself or my friendships, whether they be online or not, to anyone.

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGS to ALL my wonderful newfound REAL friends in WS Luv ya!!
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