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that's for showing me the secret path to ws. tell your mom that you work in midtown, so you don't ever know if the ppl you talk to in person are really women (lol). i get strange looks too, but i'm not sure if it's the online thing or just that ppl think i'm strange! oddly enough, i use the net to "talk" to many of my real life ppl. i have friends/family all over the country that i communicate w/online, b/c it's cheaper than phone calls. i really get strange looks when i tell ppl that i go online to talk to my g/f, since she lives in the same town i do. i haven't actually met any onliners that i didn't already know, don't plan on it either. i really like the anonymous aspect of being able to write anything on my mind & then getting feedback to just my thoughts & not my whole being. just think, a few yrs ago, i was super resistant to the net. now, i'm online almost everyday. giving strange looks to myself ...
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