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<font size=2><b>incoming vent</b><font size=3>MrHilieWho has done it again!! We've had an agreement for a week that he would come home early and watch the kids during my doctors appointment. (I missed the first one nearly a month ago when he forgot to come home.) Well, an hour before he's supposed to get here he calls and tells me to meet him in a different town on the way to the doctor. He was going to come with and watch the kids in the waiting room...maybe get to talk to the doctor a bit. Well, I went to the address he gave me and he wasn't there. I drove ALL over, for nearly 30 minutes and couldn't find him. Finally I took the kids, and a nurse had to take them to the waiting room during part of the exam I am sooooooooooo MAD at him.

I get home and he's waiting here for us, and then tried to tell me that he gave me the right directions and it was MY fault I didn't find him! Well, I told him that for my next appointment he MUST come home and watch the kids...and I'm still very upset. What a <b>raging jerk</b>!

Whew, anyway....<font size=5>I heard the heartbeat today! <font size=3> It was so cool, and the doctor is a wonderful change from our last doc. He was almost as excited as I was I think lol

Had to get that all off my chest and make the final comment that men get selfish during pregnancy, and act like horrible brats. If we had a doghouse Denn would be out there right now, with a peice of stale bread and some film covered water Of course, if I did that he'd probably complain I didn't bring him the butter.
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