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I love photography, but I haven't converted to digital yet. I have used a digital camera for my work though... but I'm not ready to trade in my good old Minolta. I work with photos on a daily basis, choosing, cropping, retouching, integrating into design or illustration... it's fun... images are quite powerful.
One of my most interesting photography projects dates back to University. We had to find a subject, decide upon the exact framing and from that point on, explore anything and everything possible, keeping of course your camera locked onto that specific subject. I had chosen the back porch of an old-old house and just in front of the porch there was a tree.
The most beautiful image to come of that project was a night photograph, with the porch light and the moon as the only light available to reveal an image on my film. I exposed the film for at least 12 minutes.
The lighting was quite interesting and the wind created swirls of out of focus tree branches and leaves which contrasted well with the still lighted porch architecture.
Did I get carried away? Well, an interesting end to this story, is that the photograph was stolen, along with my whole portfolio a couple of years later... I still have the negative (somewhere?), but I wrote my lab notes on the back of the photograph!!!
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