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In 1969 my sister got pregnant. She was forced to quit school, pregnant girls weren't allowed. Her boyfriend finished though. She was forced by our father and his father to marry this other kid, who had no intention of being a faithful husband. She had a baby to care for by the time she was 16. She never graduated from school, was divorced with a baby to raise by the time she was 18. If she'd been allowed the option of aborting that fetus, then she might have had a life that she planned not one that was foisted upon her by well-meaning people who were more concerned about social standards than realities. That child was born as a punishment to her for having sex irresponsibly in a time when responsible sex was never discussed. She faced up to her responsibilities, but she was never given the option of making a choice. No child should be born as a punishment to its mother. No girl should be forced to bear a child that she's ashamed of. No person should be told they must follow the demands of a society that will condemn them for making a sexual mistake. Reality is that she paid the price of having a baby, her ex-husband didn't. He went on to college and had another family and never bothered to see his son or pay child support again. Does she feel that way? Beats me. I feel that way. She was a cute happy kid who made a mistake.

Ultimately, the abortion issue IMHO comes down to a point of identification. I do not believe a fetus that is incapable of life outside the womb is a living person. NARAL does. To repeal this legislation would not stop abortion. Nothing will ever stop abortion. It has been here since before the days of Hamarabi. To make it illegal would be forcing otherwise law abiding citizens to break the law and they would.
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