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{{{{{Dance}}}}} Good topic!<p>
I watch NASCAR and NASCAR trucks when I'm stuck at home doing chores like laundry on Sunday early afternoons. I'm watching the Tropicana Winston Cup 400 at that new track in Chicago right now. It's a pretty exciting race, because the new track is presenting all the typical new-track problems: no upper groove, pebbles rising in the pavement, and a tough turn onto pit row. <p>
The trucking company for which my dad works had a truck in NASCAR trucks a couple of years ago, and I got pulled into the truck scene then. I also found out that one of the drivers, Roper, is a third cousin of mine. The Chevy trucks kinda look like my Chevy Silverado, so I pull for the Chevys. <g> The trucks are fun to watch because they're harder to race on tracks built for slightly smaller machines.<p>
I have long said that I'd have to drive a stock car in races on weekends if I ever moved back to the Midwest, because driving here in California is so competitive, and I've become so accustomed to it that I'd need an outlet for that if I lived somewhere again where people consider California drivers "crazy." <g> I think I'd be good at it - I *like* to go as fast as possible, as close together as possible, and I'm comfortable riding right on someone's bumper with someone right on my bumper, everyone jockeying for advantage. Mind you, I don't *always* drive like that (any more!), but I can and I love to. I know that's not NASCAR, but any kind of racing's a thrill, right? ;-)
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