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Uh-oh {{{{{DrHillieWho}}}}} - I'm a rabid Chiefs fan! <g><p>
I grew up a couple of hundred miles from KC, and could occasionally snag the family business' season tickets for a game when I was a teenager. Even though I live in California now, I still love the Chiefs.<p>
This season, Vermeil is out of retirement as the new coach, and if he does as well with the Chiefs as he did with the, Rams, and before that Philly, the football world had better look out! I agree with the trading of Elvis Grbak - I felt the Chiefs really went off-course when they kept him and released Gannon to the Raiders a couple of years ago. (I really liked Marty Shottenheimer, and wasn't that thrilled with Gunther Cunningham as head coach.) Elvis just never came through with the big plays in the clutch, and couldn't seem to lead the team through the playoffs. Bubby Brister looks like a promising addition, as does Trent Green. <p>
Football is the only thing that keeps me going as summer turns into fall, and fall to winter. It's a great excuse to get together with some of my favorite guy friends on winter Sundays, and Monday Night Football even goes a long ways toward making Mondays bearable.<p>
I have a Chiefs banner on the wall, a denim Chiefs shirt, Chiefs sweatshirt, a couple of Chiefs t-shirts, a Chiefs bandana, Chiefs gym bag, Chiefs socks, Chiefs lighter, and a couple of Chiefs hats that I can think of right off. I enjoy wearing my Chiefs gear when watching the games with friends. I even enjoy the friendly rivalry when the Chiefs are playing one of my friends' favorite teams - we make silly bets and roust on each other mercilessly. It's fun!<p>
My favorite Chiefs memory is of taking my brother, who was in high school, to a Chiefs game with me on the college fan bus when I was in college. It was a cold, crisp night, and I think it's the night my brother became a rabid Chiefs fan. <g> It's something we still share, and that makes me happy. :-)
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