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Cream of Potato Soup (Polish style)

This is a family recipe, brought over froom eastern Poland by my Baka ("Grandmother").

Peel, rinse and cube 3 pounds of taters (use white not red)
Slice three large white onions

Cover with water to the top of potatoes and onions
Add salt, coarse ground pepper to taste
Add 2 bay leaves and 3 balls of allspice
Add 1 tablespoon dried (2 teaspoons fresh) dill weed

Bring to boil, then simmer until tender (Don't use a lid!)

add either 1-1/2 cups leftover mashed potato or 1 cp instant (this is to thicken the soup, tastes way better than flour!)

In a bowl, mix 8 oz of sour cream and 4 oz half-and-half. Then add 2 cups of whole milk. Mix until smooth.

Make sure the soup will not come to a boil again or the soup will break!

Add milk and cream mix, slowly, stirring well. Simmer soup til hot.

Garnish each bowl with fresh dill weed and fresh ground black pepper.

(I know this is fattening but its the best tater soup! In my family, whoever gets the bay leaves in their soup does dishes that night. This soup is great cold or hot, and awesome in the cold days of winter!)
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