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Hey {{{biker}}} we have this short track dubbed "The toughest track in the south" less than half a mile from my house. Until recently, they had late model stocks running every weekend. When I wasn't at the track, we could sit on the front porch and listen to the cars racing. Many older Winston Cup drivers started or ran at this track. I had the opportunity to drive the pace car for an association my brother in law ran here, what a thrill! I've watched two nephews grow up running mini-winstons, late models, Craftsman Trucks and Busch. I think the highlight of their career for my sister (their other aunt) and me was to score their first truck race here in Richmond and their first Busch race in Loudon. Dance and Misty are always the first to tell me how my nephew is doing if I'm not watching a race, lol.
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