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{{{Dawgie}}} I love The Adventures Of Other's one of my favs...thanks for sharing it here. Well I have a couple that I'd like to share too. Let me know what you think and be honest..I can take it

<font size=5 font color=dodgerblue> CARRY ME </font>

Carry me through the falling snow
Carry me down the winding road
Carry me on your shoulders high
Wipe my tears when I need to cry
Carry me on your sturdy back
Carry me along the narrow track
Carry me through the wind and rain
Carry me through the hurt and pain
Carry me deep within your soul
All through time and forever more
Carry my heart close to your chest
And I'll carry you when you need a rest
"The hardest to learn was the least complicated" - Emily Saliers
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