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Woooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooo!! Country ROCKS! Name a group and I know their songs! lol

And if you want to know anything about Wynonna or the Judds I am the gal to! Anything from their given names to albums to awards they have won!

Hmmm can ya guess who my fav singer is?? LOL

I also love Martina McBride, Joo Dee Messina, Jamie O'neal, The Dixie Chicks, and Reba.

I met Steve Wariner when he was 16 and playing lead guitar in friends of my parents band. He could play a mean guitar even at 16. I also have met Ricky Skaggs. Neighbors of mine grew up with him. I went over to their house one afternoon and there was Ricky sitting in their living room playing his guitar and singing! It was WAY cool.
I think the best was meeting Sawyer Brown. I was a kitchen manager at a Ruby Tuesday in Ny. They had come in about 10 minutes before closing time and asked the front of the house manager if we would stay open long enough to serve them. When the other manager came to the kitchen and asked me I said. "Tell them I said on one condition. If they will give me their autographs I will stay open all night" LOL! He came back in a few minutes later and told me to go on out there. I grabbed a chair pulled it up to their table and sat down and bs'ed with them all for a few got their autographs, cooked their dinner and got a 200.00 tip! It was one hell of a night!
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