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Wait I believe you all said that wrong.. we do not own our cats.. they own US! They allow us to care and feed them and when they choose even allow us to pet them!

I am owned by two cats. One is an orange tabby named Milo who is 2 years old. The other is a long haired gray tabby named Shadow. He will be a year old in September and already is almost twice the size of my 2 yr old. I do believe someone slipped him some miracle grow when I was not paying attention!

My oldest cat is a HUGE baby and also very much a talker.. esp. at 4 am when we are all trying to sleep! LOL!
He also makes sure he gets his attention while I am chatting. He seems to think he is my! He will climb me like I am a tree and then proceed to lay across my shoulders and go to sleep.

One thing about cats.. they used to be worshiped as Gods and they have NEVER forgotten it!
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