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Hey (((Mauka)))...well I kept about 1/2 of the old albums. I've got a few prize ones like Davy Jones BEFORE The Monkees and the Troggs (who I love) and of course ALL of Janis Joplin. I was sad to learn that my Doors and Jimi Hendrix jackets were EMPTY. I am sure the records were left in a dorm room somewhere by the boys! Grrr....they did NOT however touch Tom's Boots Randolph albums, strangely enough. ;-)

(((roooooo))) C is for Cod!

(((Liam))) my Saturday was fairly productive, and it is warm here so we opened lots of windows. That always makes me feel good! How was your day??

(((annie))) oh was that YOUR electric mixer? Whoops...I had to patch some walls...and mix up some patching! Shadow said I could! <g>

(((Frenchie))) Hi there my lovely french friend! It doesn't look like I will be visiting your country afterall. Sorry, I'd have loved to have seen you again.

(((Cuzn))) now don't be comin' in here and making trouble..AND don't be telling me about your balmy weather! ;-)
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