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Misty, I am so happy to have the first ghost story in your new folder. Here goes...hope yall like it.
this is a story about a haunted gravestone. this story takes place in a town not too far from the louisville,ky and the indiana border.
John Rowan was a very prominent man duringhis lifetime. he was a state judge of kentucky, and a US senator. he served on the supreme court of appeals also. he was a very rich man as well. he owned Federal Hill, better known as My Old Kentucky Home. ive been to this house, and to say the least, its massive. one of the most beautiful mansions ive ever seen. before he died, he made a provision in his will that he didnt want a stone or a monument of any kind placed at his grave. but his family and friends thought that just wasnt right for a man of his stature to not have a tombstone. so they had a large obelisk shaped stone placed at his grave. within a couple of months, his stone began to fall for no apparent reason. so the stonemasons would go back to the cemetary to replace it. well, after many many trips back to the graveyard,where the stone had always fallen on mr rowans grave, the stonemasons became frightened and refused to go back to the cemetary. several of the townspeople thought that mr rowan had come back to his grave to make his will and wishes known that he didnt want the tombstone there. to this day, that stone still falls over onto mr rowans grave. .......for no apparent reason, or is there a reason after all???
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