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this is a story of a haunting that took place in the town i was born in.
in my hometown, there is a huge cemetary located on the corner of four very busy, and well traveled streets. three of those streets take you to interstates, and one takes you to town. well, at the front of the cemetary, is a house called the Sexton house. the sexton is the caretaker of a cemetary. well, many many years ago, the sexton of the cemetary and his wife had a daughter. she was a well liked,very beloved young girl, very popular with the other young people of her day.
she had been invited to a party that night. her parents told her that if the weather held out, she could go. but as it looked like a storm was brewing, she had to wait and see what happened.
now the weather had been ok for most of that day, but right around dusk, it began to get cloudy. the wind started to blow, and lightening began to light up the sky.
she had gone upstairs to her bedroom to take a bath, to get ready for her party.
her bathtub was located below a window that overlooked the northern part of the street.
just as she was about to enter the tub, a big clap of thunder, and a huge bolt of lightening struck the sky.
this infuriated the girl. she was sooo angry, because that meant she couldnt go to the party after all. she was so angry, that she cursed God for sending the storm.
im sure that didnt set too well with God.
anyway, a bolt of lightening came through the girls window, and it killed her.
it is said, that at dusk, on stormy nights, you can see her form in the window upstairs.
this has upset many townspeople. so they had the sexton paint the girls window. that didnt matter, her form still came through the painted glass. so the sexton boarded up the window.
to this very day, as you drive by the sextons house, you can see the boarded up window. and its said, that at times, you can still see the girl in the window on stormy nights.
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