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We just adopted another kitten. I'd been looking for a black kitten for a while, and there were NONE. My parents found this one on the 4th of July while they were walking to their home-town parade. She followed them and wanted attention, and they knew I wanted a black kitten, so they started knocking on doors to see if she belonged somewhere.

They found one family who had been feeding her since the people next door to them had moved away and left her (!). They were glad to have someone WANT her. I say, someone needs their head examined, to abandon a beautiful and loving baby like this.

The vet says she's healthy, but a little underweight. We can fix that... She's a Manx (naturally tailless). We're calling her Libby (short for Liberty). The older cats think she is Evil Incarnate. I have to find time to follow her around with a camera and get some pics.
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