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I had always been skeptical about superstitions and ghost stories and folk lore until I finally tried this out for myself. Every town has stories/legends that go around and around this is one more of them....
In a small community near where I grew up there is a back woods road that if you bring your car to a complete stop, shut off the engine, and throw it into nuetral it will roll uphill about three feet and then stop. I have done this myself so I know it to be true.
The story behind this is that back in the early 70's in that very spot there was a serious accident.( I researched this in the Indpls. Library and found the news artical) One of the local schools in that area had a basketball game and where on the way back home. The bus had gotten stuck in some mud and many of the students had gotten out and where helping push the bus out when a car came around the bend out of control and hit the students and bus. Both the car and bus had caught fire and exploded after impact. All of the students, teachers and families on the bus and the person driving the car were killed.
I am sure there is some scientific explanation as to why a car will roll uphill on its own, but I tend to believe it is as everyone else my community is the students.....still trying to push that bus out of the mud.
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