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Well it sounds to me like you both figured out your dreams without anyone elses help. I once dreamed I was at a carnival with my sister and her kids and we had to use a bathroom. There was a line of PortAPots. The one I entered had a hole in the door where you put your face to look out and when I spread my arms and put my hands against the walls it took off. I flew around the carnival grounds. When I leaned to the left it went left, when I leaned to the right it went right, when I leaned forward it soared high. Then I landed and took all the kids for a ride. It was a very fun dream. I hate carnivals and PortAPots. Do I need to reconcile myself to both? Do I just need to come down off of my high falutin' horse and say carnivals and PortAPots are here to stay and deal with that reality? I just don't know.
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