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I can't remember a time when we didn't have a cat or two or even 23....all the mommas decided to have them all at one time. I think that was the most hectic but fun time the kids and I ever had. Imagine all those little furballs learning to walk and eat and use the litter pan, ROFL..we had a ball. We found each and everyone of them a handpicked home, only people we knew or friends of theirs who were referred got those babies. I still keep in touch with a few and have seen those kittens grow into some lovely creatures. We even made up birth certificates for the kittens complete with their paw prints. Imagine trying to keep those all straight!!

Currently we have 5 cats, 4 males and a female, who only has to stare down the males and they hightail it away from her.

I have 2 favorites. One is named Blackie who was born with a bit of trouble breathing. In fact, he wasn't breathing at all when momma brought him to me and sat there looking at me with this look of "Do something please!" I held this tiny unmoving baby and didn't know what else to do but give it mouth to mouth which wasn't a bit pleasant at the time. I just knew he wasn't going to make it, when suddenly, he started breathing. We kept Blackie, we just didn't have it in us to give him away. To say this cat is ungrateful to be alive is an understatement, ROFL... he's one of the meanest, stubbornest cats we have, but he's my baby, and every once in a while, he let's me pick him up and lays in my arms purring. But only for about 5 seconds then he's off again.

Then there is Cinnamon. He's a reddish blonde cat who is slightly brain damaged from an accident one winter. He disappeared one day and was gone for about 7 days. The kids were heartbroken. Then one day my son brought in a sign from outside with the description that fit Cinnamon. I called and went to see if it indeed was him. It was. He had been hit by the womans daughter and she wouldn't have it any other way but to take him to the vet. Cinnie had a concussion and slight brain damage but all in all was fine, with the exception that, he didn't remember who we were. We brought him home to begin his recuperation which included a new kitten to help him learn how to play again. It wasn't long before he was running and playing with that new kitten who just wouldn't leave him alone until they had run through the house tearing up whatever was in their path. We think Cinnie is going blind. He has a hard time focusing his eyes and squinches them up when he looks at you.

There are days when I'm sitting here and all of them have joined me. They'll be sleeping on top of the computer or the desk or the back of my chair or in my lap, all purring their different sounds. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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