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a recipe

I have a recipe , yes its true

Heaven in a Tortilla

1 pkg of chicken breast tenders
1 pkg vine ripened little tomato's
Italian dressing ( kind you make yerself )
1 pkg gordita burrito tortilla shells
1 can of parmesan cheese ( apprentely Montana stores dont carry fresh grated )

fry up the chicken , rinse cold , cut into cubes
while this is being cooked mix the Italian dressing in a big bowl

dice up the tomato's

after chicken is cooked and cut , mix tomato;s and chicken in the dressing and let it sit in the fridge for oooo id say 4 hours

drain all the dressing off * you dont want soggy tortilla's

warm tortilla's in mic for 35 seconds
spread chicken and tomato;s on tortilla sprinkle on parmesan cheese and wrap up

waaaaaa laaaaaaa oh good stuff dang good!!!
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