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Thanks Lou for pointing out that NARAL is a pro-choice organization. During the 60's and 70's they were working to repeal the laws making abortions illegal.

I have never said that all abortion should be illegal. I am pro-choice as far as women having the right to choose what action to take when faced with unforseen circumstances. Mothers and babies develop diseases during pregnancy. I have seen several friends go through abortions, and they were not given adequate counceling to either make the decision or deal with it.

Because all of society has changed, I think it's unrealistic to say illegalizing abortion would bring back old views on unplanned pregnancies. Right now there is more help for single and teen mothers than ever. There are many assistance programs for parents and pregnant mothers, and those would be forced to increase if abortion was restricted. It might take a little more from our taxes, but I'd rather have my money going to give children the chance they deserve than to some of the other areas are taxes are spent on.

MommaD brought up an excellent point. Any statistics surrounding illegal abortion are questionable, but my point was that there was a severe difference in what people were reporting and what they actually thought was reasonable. Something else she said brought up a question though. What was the punishment for self-aborting before Roe vs Wade? Were women being jailed? I haven't been able to find anything on it.

Good discussion.
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