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23 cats??? OMG! LOL! Well growing up I guess my family run a close second! We had 3 full grown cats all females and pregnant at the same time,they each had a litter of 5 on the SAME day, and 2 6 month old kittens. Needless to say anytime anyone in our neighborhood wanted a cat they came to our house!

Now this would not be complete without telling the story of how this whole brood got started!
I was 7 yrs old and my best friend and I were running away from home. I snuck out of the house in my jammies with footies in them at 3am and my best friend Sean was waiting for me on his bike with training wheels and a big wheel for me. I had packed in a pillow case 1 change of clothes, 10 dollars and a pb & j sammich. We never even made it out of the! We were almost out when we heard a cat crying form a tree. We decided we just HAD to rescue this cat before we started on our journey to Arizona!(Mind you we lived in Indpls, In.) Well the tree we were climbing to rescue this cat just happened to be in the yard of my Girl Scout Leaders! Next thing Sean and I know here comes a cop car! Major !!LOL! Well long story short, we were taken home, scolded by the cops and our parents and grounded for life. BUT I did get a cat out of the whole deal! Yes my parents let me keep the rescued cat and the first litter she had was three males and 2 females. We found homes for the three males but kept the two females.
And about a year and a half later we had 20 cats! LOL! We found them all good homes and kept the 2 6 month old kittens. (That being because my Mom told my Dad.. "It is either the cats or me! lol)
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