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ummmm lets see....I like Reba, Aaron Tippin, Alabama, the late Conway Twitty, and Ricky Van Shelton...Have seen all but Conway. My mother in law and Mark Chestnut's mom are close friends. My hubby is a country junkie..I also like alot of the Dixie Chicks stuff. Natalie Maines is from Lubbock (just down the road) and the woman who wrote Wide Open Spaces is from here in Amarillo.
Im not a big Garth fan, his old stuff was good, but I think he got to big for his Stetson and his music suffered (along with his marriage)
Now...if were talkin looks, I'd have to go with Tim McGraw..ohhh la la and Alan Jackson...but ya know without their trademark hat...they're well uh....ok
thats my 2 cents worth :-)
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