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I think family does play a big part of it. I never saw my mother diet in my life and I never really have either. I'm short (5'2") and a little plump (currently, I'm 145 lbs) and I admit that there are times when I compare myself to other women and feel like I'm not quite right--living in this society, it's impossible not to feel that way sometimes--but mostly I'm ok with my body. At the same time, though, I felt worse about myself at 190 lbs than I do now. Even though I lost 45 lbs through eating healthier as opposed to dieting, I did do it at least in part because of my body image.

I think another factor is in focusing so much attention on what girls/women look like as opposed to who they are and what they love to do, and looking at women's bodies specifically as something to look at instead of focusing on what our bodies can do and how they feel! I can't say that attractiveness is completely unimportant, but attractive comes in so many shapes and sizes. True beauty, to me, is in a woman who enjoys herself and her body, expressing herself creatively or through sports or something like that, regardless of her size.

(((( No Attitude )))) I'm glad you are recovering. Eating disorders are devastating...I'm glad you were able to pull yourself back and fight to live.
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