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I can't say I suffered from an eating disorder, but I definitely had a skewed image of myself back when I was younger. I'm around 5'8" and at one time weighed 110 pounds. Clearly, that is too light for that height, but I've never felt thin. The first time I realized I was being perceived as thin was when I read my chart at the health center at the university I attended. It described me as a "thin caucasian female."

Now, I am 25 pounds over my optimal weight and I know that I would feel better 25 pounds lighter. Not because of society or anyone else's perception of me, but because of the mere fact that it is healthier to not be overweight. I have never in my life had someone say derisive things to me about my weight...I do understand that it happens, though. I believe that obese people are treated differently, assumed to be lazy and undisciplined (I just read an article the other day...I'll try to find the link...about a woman with variable weight and how it affected her career). For all I know, if I were still thin (and probably younger), I might do better in my career monetarily. Not a pleasant thought.

What I'm getting at is, sometimes it's simply healthier to take off the weight. Why wouldn't a person want to feel better PHYSICALLY, more able to get around and be active? If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, and it's a REASONABLE perception (not a distorted image in the mirror), then do something about it. Weight Watchers is a fine program, as is TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)...and get out and MOVE (something I don't do enough...I talk the talk...I need to walk more ;-)

And don't blame the way you look on society.
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