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I am needing some help from you women. I have lived with a pooch all of my life and am suddenly in a situation that I do not have the opportunity to have a dog in my life at this time. I long for animals to be around--however my family seemed to go thru pets like most people went thru bread. I don't want to do that to myself again nor do I want to put a dog in a bad situation and have to send it to another home. (been really down thinking about not having a pup here in my life now) I really want to be a responsible woman as I see that as a beautiful asset for a woman or any person for that matter to possess.

Its getting to be a reality that we will soon be able to live in a place where we can have a dog. As well, I have done my research and found that I want a "rescue" dog. And I have even gotten breed specific---!!!

Can anyone give me some good ideas as to what they were looking for when they found their dog? I want this to be the right thing (unlike what my family did)!

How do I know which dog is the right dog with me and my husband? Is there a trick to this?


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