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I am not sure I am doing this right - but here I go!
A quick, easy and tasty recipe.. All you need is some Hamburger (about a pound) left over stuffing and brown gravy! Whenever I have left over stuffing I make these
(You may want to season the hamburger with salt & pepper if you like) Use a baking dish for this recipe)
Make two hamburger pattys, put a scoop of stuffing in the center of one patty, put the other patty on top and seal the stuffing between the 2 patties. Repeat until you use up all your hamburger (or stuffing, whatever comes first LOL) And, of course, how thick or thin you make your patties. I bake in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes, then pour the gravy over the patties and heat thru.. I never really times the last phase but I would say 10-20 minutes - just watch that your gravy doest burn. OOPS, I forgot, I use a jar of brown gravy, that is usually enough for a pound of hamburger. I normally serve with mashed pots and a veggie!

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