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I don't envy the revamp of your kitchen in terms of the work load you will have ahead of you, but I am sure I will envy the end result.

Linolium--(opps ahead of time for the spelling) is back in again! Did you know that? LOL I about died when I saw it on a hip little show I was watching one day.

I think my favorite idea for cost saving methods on a kitchen floor would be this--- the cement look with a finish to it. I saw this cool two colored rag finish--where you wipe stain into the cement in a circular fashion-- and it looks really hip! Of course this is not something that would work in ever house--but I thought it was a cool idea--and depending on what house we buy--I am going to consider this!

Tupi--- are you going with new appliances as well??

Don't forget to "belly laugh" today! A smile a day keeps the doctor away!
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