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I love dreams. Sometimes I look forward to sleeping just so I can relish my dreams. So, I really enjoy interpreting the dreams, too. I use a couple of online sites for dream dictionaries. Every single piece of a dream must be considered, and in the context of the dream. How accurate are they? I have no idea. I only do it for fun, but it has helped me often to understand some of my own feelings and to resolve issues.

Karat, when dreaming about apologies that can mean exactly apology. In your case, I would generally think it means you know it's time to simply forgive your mother for the past and get on with other more important current relationships. Apologies in dreams are indicitive of new friendships; they are a means of accepting new people in your life and letting old friendships rest.

The burning at the stake can mean so many things. Fires generally mean something to do with prosperity or success. To be set on fire might indicate an inner fear of being taken advantage of in some kind of money deal. To dream about another being another person, like Saint Joan, may be an indication that your feeling threatened by something like a business arrangement or some sort of large investment that if it fails you're afraid you'll be blamed for.

I dreamed last night that a man asked me why I was wearing jeans and an Oxford shirt. He was hinting that I was dressed like that to seduce him, and I didn't deny it. I wish I hadn't woke up..I'd like to have known if I was successful.
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