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Talking old newspaper

I sit back on the couch, legs propped up on Mother's antique coffee table. The table, I think, is even older than Mom.

As I pick up the remote, a fly buzzes around my face. With the wave of my hand, I shoo it away. I turn on the television, but I can't concentrate because the black fly is making a pest of itself. It continues to buzz around me. Twice it buzzes around my ear.

I try to remember where I put the fly swatter...when was the last time I used it? I think for a moment. I'm pretty sure I used it on my brother when he tossed a few water balloons in my direction. I shake my head; I have no idea what I did with it after that.

The fly buzzes near me yet again. I glance around and spot an old news paper on the floor. Silently I thank God that I was too lazy to clean last week.

I get up and pick the news paper off the floor, but before I can use it on Mr. Fly, I notice it is dripping with...water?

I hear a whine and look towards the back door. There is Puddles, my three month old puppy. Wasn't Puddles whining just a bit ago to go outside? He doesn't look desperate now...wait, if he doesn't need to go outside then this isn't water on this old news paper, is it....
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