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Hi all,
I just wanted to let you all know that I have read all 6 pages in this section. Anyway, I know for me that I have to have some support and a somewhat strict regime to keep on losing weight...sigh Anyhow, I did lose my mother this year and I am having a serious war on regaining my regular sleep patterns.....grrrr I found that when I do have support and things are looking up for me then I am very good at staying on my diet.....However I want to get back on my diet yet I am not even sure of why I havent restarted it yet....Yes I feel rage anger frustration guilt and sense of disappointment when I fall off of the diet wagon....yet I was able to help my mom find the diet that helped her lose 153 pounds in 8 1/2 months...she was a diabetic as well as a few more others yet she lost her weight......I have a twin brother who is obese because of past medical problems with his meds for his epilepsy.....I have a goal though for myself beat my twin at weight loss 2.go to the pool or gym once a week except one week a month (that has to deal with a meeting that I have monthly).....3.Make time for myself 4.To get back on track and make myself feel good.......I know that sounds like a lot yet I have a full schedule with my kids (Btw I am a stay at home mom) yet I am in dire need of doing something for myself because I am depressed seeing how fat obese overweight whatever you want to call it staring back at me from a mirror or reflection I am not sure of how much I currently weigh but I did lose weight starting at 219 1/2 to 178 all before my mom passed away I know of what~those of you will recognize in my post~you mean when you feel lost or sad or just down and out of it.....Yet I want to share with all of you my ups and downs so that you can see we all have the same things yet different situations and variety of things that stop us from losing the weight.....I know that taking supplements does help especially with a non working thryoid....Also that bananas as yummy as they are are filled with sodium and fat yet good thing of Potassium.....I dont eat enough salt or get enough in my diet hence I kept the baby weight I gained from my two older children's pregnancies...oh duh I did have toxemia with each pregnancy as well....Well I am rattling on and probably telling you all my life story but I really needed to let someone out there know what is in my head and heart....Dont have no one here at home anymore to tell My hubby and kids when I am on the diet are somewhat supportive but not for long so you see my dilemma .......sigh Well I will be checking back in on a regular time frame....Sure is helpful to hear that I am not the only one who is having these problems and such By the way, some of you may know me I will reveal at another time Thank you for listening aka reading Wish you all the best
May the Great Spirit guide your Heart to lead your path
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