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Hey Ayla I've heard of Athabasca before, but never from anyone who attended classes...or worked there That must be a lot of fun. What do you do?

The reason I made such a big deal about accredation is that some schools charge really high prices just to hand out diplomas, and offer little to no real instruction. Seems like even that is changing though. This is a real ad from the back of Working Mother - August 2001:

PH.D's $199.00, M.A.'S $159.75, BA'S $99.75, (???) ???-???? http://www.????????????.com

(It's at the bottom of page 79, smackdab in the middle if you want to see it for yourself ) Although distance learning is getting easier and less inexpensive, I doubt it will ever be THAT easy or inexpensive LOL
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