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I learned in my lab yesterday that I have to disect a fetal pig. Ick. I was disappointed with this news as I took this class (Human reproduction and inheritance) thinking that I would be able to circumvent the regular college biology and disections. Seems that a pigs reproductive organs are similar to a humans and we get to see first hand. I should have known better huh?

Hilie, the Eng 1102 should not be that hard, what's the deal? I know that every teacher is different but we essentially had to learn how to read some poems and short stories and write about them in thesis length. In fact I thought it was much easier than the 1101 because that was mostly grammer and sentence structure and lots and lots of writing and I still can't remember when to use lay, lie or lain. LOL. I like the writing so English classes to me were fun. It's the math and science that bum me out. I am also taking Asian Humanities this semester and loving it.
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