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Yuck is right! Doesn't your college have any biology class that doesn't require that? They should be willing to work with you if they don't. One of my friends took an independent biology study in high school, and while we were cutting up cats she was building a model of the human body. Everything else she did with us. It might be worth asking about. Another option might be talking to your counselor about substituting a different type of science for a biology.

As far as English 2 goes, my problem is pretty simple. It's boring. We read an essay, take notes, read another, take more notes, read another, even more notes, than have a test on how to take notes. We have two papers to write all semester interpreting essays we've read, and the teacher picks them apart fiercely. Case in point: I wrote a paper on "Peeling the Banana", an essay by a Chinese-American on growing up. There were several references to food, and I made the point that food represented her American self because Americans are so centered around it. I was marked down because I didn't mention anything about her using food as a symbol because she was female. ?? See what I mean, but here I'm venting again lol

Good luck on the science problem. I don't know what your school's policy is on books, but if you switch classes and can't return them, is a good place to get rid of them.
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